English for Beginners Club with PC volunteer Nathalie Hanlet



 On October 12th there was a meeting of English for Beginners Club. The club was led by PC volunteer Nathalie Hanlet. There were 29 participants, among them pupils, students, professionals and retirees. They talked about family members, built their own family tree and learned possessive adjectives. Afterwards, Nathalie gave all participants different family pictures and they described the family relationships.


Friday! Friday! Friday!

Hi, everyone! It is Friday today! You can go out somewhere with your friends or…you can come to the Window on America Center, take some DVDs and watch movies in English at home! You can also take some interesting books with you, make a cup of tea, sit on the sofa and read. But don`t forget, tomorrow, the English for Beginners Club, then Reading Club and Grammar start at 12:00 pm! We`ll be waiting for you!