Around the world - Ukraine, France, the USA

On September 22nd there was a meeting of English-speaking club called “Around the world”. Peace Corpse volunteer Sharece Bunn talked about her counry, the USA. A group of students from Ternopil State Pedagogical University, French Philology, talked about their native country, Ukraine, and about France, the country, which language they are learning and to which they’ve been to.
The participants of the club watched several power point presentations about Ukraine and Euro 2012, about France, its state symbols and places of sightseeing, and about the USA, its history and its citizens. At the end of the meeting everyone got to know about new electronic resources of the Window on America center – a Kindle and an iPad. 20 people were present, among them 15 students, 1 PC volunteer, 1 specialist, 1 pensioner, 1 teacher, 1 librarian.


English-speaking club - Human rights

Welcome to the English-speaking club in autumn! The speaker of the club is Amanda Norton, the Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine. Each Thursday at 17.00 Amanda is waiting for you with the presentation on some uptodate topic for conversation.
The first meeting in September was dedicated to the human rights. The participants got to know about the Constitutional Week in the USA starting on the Day of Constitution on September 17th. They discussed some important issues in the Declaration of Independence. We hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!


Movie Club

Welcome to the Movie Club! This autumn you will have the opportunity to watch american movies from the DVD collection of the Window on America center, thanks to the Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Ukraine Sharece Bunn. Each Wednesday at 16.30 Sharece presents the film she really cares about. She prepares some interesting information about the film, you can read it here
On the first meeting participants watched "Pursuit of Happyness". Afterwards they discussed some important issues like social services and homeless people. We hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!