English for Beginners Club with PC volunteer Nathalie Hanlet



 On October 12th there was a meeting of English for Beginners Club. The club was led by PC volunteer Nathalie Hanlet. There were 29 participants, among them pupils, students, professionals and retirees. They talked about family members, built their own family tree and learned possessive adjectives. Afterwards, Nathalie gave all participants different family pictures and they described the family relationships.


Friday! Friday! Friday!

Hi, everyone! It is Friday today! You can go out somewhere with your friends or…you can come to the Window on America Center, take some DVDs and watch movies in English at home! You can also take some interesting books with you, make a cup of tea, sit on the sofa and read. But don`t forget, tomorrow, the English for Beginners Club, then Reading Club and Grammar start at 12:00 pm! We`ll be waiting for you!



Business English Club!

September 4th was the first meeting of the Business English Club after summer holidays. PC volunteer Matthew Turner talked about guests coming to your business and how to show them hospitality, the pros and cons of travelling for business.We are waiting for you next week at 17.30 on Wednesday!


Do not be afraid of the rain!

Yeah...yeah, it`s cold and rainy outside but we are waiting for you at the Intermediate English Club!
We hope that you are running now to the Window on America Center like this lady in the picture

Schedule for September!




Independence Day Celebration

On the 4th of July at English speaking club we celebrated Independence Day. Peace Corps volunteer Nathalie M. Hanlet made a presentation about the Declaration of Independence and treated of us with a cake in the form of an American flag. The cake was delicious! Thank you, Nathalie!


Happy birthday to the United States of America!

Sparkle! Fizzle! Pop, bang, boom! Fireworks light up the night sky on the fourth of July. Everyone claps and cheers. What a wonderful sight!
Every summer, Americans join together to celebrate the birthday og their country. Families and friends gettogether for picnics or barbecues. People roast hot dogs, drink lemonade, and eat apple pie. Kids play baseball. At Fourth of July parades, bands march down the streets playing patriotic songs.
Then the sun begins to set. It gets dark. everyone waits excitedly for the show to begin. Finally, fireworks begin to explore in the sky. Happy birthday to the United States of America!!!
Come to the Window on America Center today at 18.00 for English Speaking Club and celebrate with us!


Round table on the topic "Portrait of America"

On Tuesday 2nd of July at 17.00 come to the Window on America Center! We`ll talk about American History and the Road to Independence.
The United States Independence Day (also known as the Fourth of July because that's the day it is celebrated) is a holiday that celebrates the separation of the United States from Great Britain, and the United States' declaration of independence. Traditionally, many people celebrate this day with picnics, parades, and fireworks. Today, we`ll prepare for this holiday and volunteer, prof. Roger Kovaciny will help us!


Web Conference

Dear Window on America Center users! This summer we will be working to set up webchats between Americans and participant of our center. If you are interesting in joining, let us know about topics for future web conferences. Based on your interests we will reach out to industry experts, professionals, academics, American government employees, Fulbright alumni, Peace Corps Volunteers or other U.S. speakers to promote the exchange of knowledge between Americans and Ukrainians at Window on America Center. Please e-mail us or post your suggestions on  FB and VK.


Workshop on Window on America Strategic Management

June 5-7, 2013 the Coordinator of Window on America Center and vice director of Ternopil Regional Universal Research Library took part in an Odesa workshop on Window on America Strategic Management organized by the US Embassy in Ukraine. The workshop covered the following issues: standards for WOAs, ways of promoting WOAs, social networks, copyright and many others. Follow Window on America Center news!




The World Book and Copyright Day

On April 23rd, near Ternopil regional universal scientific library there were exhibitions of books and other library resources dedicated to The World Book and Copyright Day.
The Window on America Center also had own exhibition. There were books about American culture, history, literature, politics, books for preparation to the TOEFL Test, GRE, GMAT, SAT, College Handbook, and Longman Grammar. There was also an iPad, Kindle, games that we have at the WOA. To passers by and to people who were interested in our recourses we gave cards with the English clubs schedule and told them about other WOA resources.


Open the great world of American literature at the Window on America Center!

 The Window on America Center and its reading club, called “The World of American Literature”, are becoming increasingly​​ popular. Every Saturday, people come here to improve their English language skills, to read something interesting, to meet interesting people, and to usefully spend their free time. The club is led by a senior lecturer from the Ternopil National Economic University, volunteer Alonzo Hudkins. He helps the participants of the club to understand unknown words and phrases in the translation and also follows the correct pronunciation while reading. The club has already read the Ransom of Red Chief, the Green Door, the Ghost of a Chance, the Last Leaf, and the Gift of the Magi, by O’Henry, and many other interesting examples of American literature. We invite everybody who is interested in reading in original language, and we are waiting for you every Saturday at 16.30. Welcome!



 Today at the Window on America Center was a second  meeting of Business English Club. The club was led by a PC volunteer Matt Turner.
There were 18 participants, among them 10 students, 7 specialists and 1 PC volunteer. They worked on topic of “Projects” and “Volunteerism” and did exercises. If you want to improve your knowledge of business English, learn specialized vocabulary, become acquainted with the rules of business communication come to the Window on America Center every Wednesday at 16.00!



At the Window on America Center on March 23rd there was the weekly meeting of English for Beginners Club. The club was led by a Peace Corps volunteer Matt Turner. 

The English Club has become very popular with many return participants. At this club participants learned verb patterns with like and "ing," talked about shopping and read the text “Center Parks”, did grammar exercises and worked with vocabulary (free time activities).

We invite you to join us and all the clubs here at the Window on America Center!


TEA Program

Read please, the information about TEA program, a six-week professional development program at the U.S.University combining academic seminars with an internship in a U.S. secondary school for secondary level full time teachers of English, Social Studies, Math and Sciences ( English language knowledge and 5 year working experience is a must)
The deadline is March 11, 2013.



Hello! In March start 2 new clubs: English Words from Ancient mythology and Movie Club! Here is our schedule=)


Every February 14, across the United States, Ukraine and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from? Come to the Window on America Center at 6 p.m. and we will find it out together!


Thank You Certificates

December 21st at the general staff meeting of Ternopil Regional Universal Scientific Library Peace Corps volunteers Lora Evans, Houston Wedding, Alonzo Hudkins and Matt Turner were awarded with Thank You Certificates. Library director Vasyl’ Ivanovych Vitenko thanked them for their professionalism, improving the image of the library, teaching foreign languages our readers and Window on America Center users and also gave them sweet gifts.