World Press Day

📰World Press Freedom Day is commemorated every year on 3 May to remind countries and people all around the world, that freedom of the press and freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights.

🗞This day is often held to remember many journalists who have died or faced jail in order to bring news to the public. Countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt and Eritrea are countries considered either “deadly” for journalist or to be having very little freedom of the press.

📸According to Reporters Without Borders, more than a third of the world’s population live in countries where there is no press freedom or where there is no system of democracy or where there are serious deficiencies in the democratic process.

🎥The theme of World Press Freedom Day 2020, "Journalism without Fear or Favour" and the sub-themes for this year are:
  • Safety of Women and Men Journalists and Media Workers
  • Independent and Professional Journalism free from Political and Commercial Influence
  • Gender Equality in All Aspect of the Media

✒️"A free press can, of course, be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad."🖋 - Albert Camus