The Ukrainian Embroidery Day

Every year on 21st of May, all those who try to preserve the traditions wear embroidered shirts and celebrate 🇺🇦The Ukrainian Embroidery Day🇺🇦.

An embroidered shirt is not always a desire to identify yourself. Sometimes it's just a tribute to fashion. So today you can find embroidered shirts with unexpected patterns and incredible colors. In addition, it can be shirts with embroidery, and blouses with fashionable sleeves, flashlights, and even embroidered shirts with tulle. Modern embroidered shirts, as well as dresses, come in different colors - everything is limited only by the imagination of the master and your capabilities, because the more original the look of the embroidered shirt, the more expensive it is.

In 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣, both traditional embroidered shirts in the form of shirts and embroidered dresses of different colors and styles continue to remain. Such clothes can be worn for a walk, a holiday or a job.

The embroidered shirts in a modern way - with unexpected patterns and colors are also popular nowadays. Everyone can choose their own one🤩.

What do the main colors of embroideries symbolize?
🔴 Red color - symbolizes love for man, life, energy of the sun, joy.
⚪️White is a symbol of innocence and a protection against misfortune and the evil eye.
⚫️ Black is wealth and prosperity.
🔶 Gold or yellow - a real symbol of honey and wheat, prosperity, prosperity, wealth and joy.
💚Green - female color, the color of all living things.
🔵Blue - a symbol of sky and water, liberation from illness and peace of mind.

So wear an embroidered shirt wherever you are!
Let's impress the world with the beauty and variety of Ukrainian embroideries!

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