Seven BBC podcasts every English learner should try

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🗣Seven BBC podcasts every English learner should try

For people learning English, listening to BBC radio podcasts would be a fabulous way to improve your English listening skills and vocabulary as well as getting exposure to the  genuine English accent.

Here are 7️⃣ favourite shows and why we think they have something to teach you in English.

🔊Desert Island Discs
Great for listening to stories told in the past tense.
Don’t be put off by the very-hard-to-understand introductions that presenter Kirsty Young reads out. She must be a thesaurus addict! Just skip the intro and start at the first record choice.
👍🏼Episode we recommend “David Backhem”

🔊The Bottom Line
This is a business show, where guests – a mixture of corporates and entrepreneurs – are invited to discuss a chosen topic. The host, Evan Davis, is an excellent interviewer and he invites some inspiring guests on his shows.
Wonderful place to learn your business and entrepreneurial vocabulary.
👍🏼Episode we recommend “How to Negotiate”

🔊Woman’s Hour
Polish up your listening skills with a breadth of accents you probably never knew existed while familiarising yourself with the vocab of all things female!
👍🏼Episode we recommend “A Brief History of Me Time”

🔊Books and Authors.                                    
A great place to find book recommendations. It’s a double quality filter!
👍🏼Episode we recommend “Trevor McDonald and John Snow”

If you’d like to ‘meet’ new contemporary authors from around the world, this show will introduce you to some of today’s top authors and English spoken with various accents.
👍🏼Episode we recommend “Yann Martel - author of The Life of Pi”

🔊The Documentary
The format is a combination of interviews and the journalist reading a report so get a good mix of spoken and written English. A good documentary should leave you wiser and wondering.
👍🏼Episode we recommend - it’s a very personal choice – go browse, there are so many to chose from.

As these podcasts are so short, you can listen to them two or three times. Listen once without stopping, then listen a second time and try to understand difficult parts and look up vocab, then have a final non-stop listen to hear the whole show.
👍🏼Episode we recommend “Turn off the lights”