Celebrating Halloween

On October 27th there was the meeting of English-speaking club on the occasion of the coming holiday Halloween. The club was led by the two students of Ternopil national economic university, Kristina Kernitska and Natalia Kovalchuk. These girls prepared a presentation on the topic “Halloween” with a lot of interesting activities for participants.
16 participants were present; among them 1 volunteer from Canada, 1 librarian, 2 pupils, 4 specialists, 8 students. They listened to some facts about the holiday, took part in discussing different ways of celebrating Halloween, worked in groups and made two Halloween pumpkins, watched a Halloween video and had fun in general.
Different opinions were expressed concerning the meaning of the holiday for it touches the item of evil. As not all people celebrate such a holiday and not all of them appreciate such a celebration, the following conclusions were made. Those families, who do not celebrate Halloween, they switch off the lights in their houses for about two or three hours in the evening. Those who celebrate the holiday but do not like evil creatures may dress up in any costume of an animal or any other nice item. So everyone should feel comfortable during the eve of celebration of the beautiful and tricky holiday of Halloween.