English-speaking Club goes on

English-speaking Club is opened now.
The first meeting was dedicated to the education in the USA. The discussion was held around the presentation of the speaker of the club – Iryna Kushnir, a student of Ternopil national pedagogical university. The girl has spent a year in Ball State University, thanks to the IREX organisation and its program UGRAD. A guest speaker, the Peace Corps volunteer Amanda Norton, interacted with Iryna and all other participants throughout the meeting.
Everyone felt free to introduce themselves, while rolling the ball and making a thread net over the round table.
During Iryna’s presentation there arroused a number of questions and answers. After this some group work gave the opportunity to each participant to talk about positives and negatives of American and Ukrainian education. There was a represenrtative of the country Finland – volunteer Katherina, who works in Ternopil School #5. So we got to know some facts about education in Finland.
An announcement - days of education abroad in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk on March 4-6th - was made through the web-site http://dec-edu.com/action-18.html, which was of great interest among the participants. At the end of the meeting Iryna proposed everyone to write on a sheet of paper their feelings after spending an hour in a library, taking part in the club, and was pleasantly surprised that every minute seemed to be exciting and no one felt bored.

The number of participants - 23 (students - 15, pupils - 4, teachers-volunteers - 3, pensioner (teacher) - 1). Next time we are going to talk about notable women in American history in the frames of a Women’s History Month in the USA.