Welcome to the Information Resource Center “Window on America” in Ternopil regional universal scientific library. You can find all information about us, our resources, services, clubs and news here http://www.library.te.ua/windowtoamericanew/

More than a thousand visitors per year come to our centre and get useful uptodate information, read books and journals, surch for their scientific study and use literature from the Foreign languages literature department of the library.

Today “Window on America” Center is popular with helping people in studying English language. About 40 users are registered in the Rosetta Stone language learning software program, which is gifted by the Democracy Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy.
“Rosetta Stone teaches us to learn languages like we did when we were kids. It was easier back then. Use Rosetta Stone to make it easier right now.” said Eddie Izzard, comedian and actor.

The other wonderful chances to develop English-speaking skills for our visitors are the two of our popular clubs:
Wednesday Movie Club - 18.00
English-speaking Club on Thursday - 17.00